QC Services

The following QC services are part of iPS reprogramming and NES derivation services.
Mycoplasma Test

Luminescence based mycoplasma test

we use MycoAlertTM detection kit to analyze 1mL medium that has not been changed for 24-72 hours.  The activity of mycoplasma enzymes react with MycoAlertTM substrate, catalyzing the conversion of ADP to ATP. The ATP is transferred into a light signal via the luciferase enzyme in the kit and then measured.

This service can also be offered upon request.

Bright-field (BF) images

Morphological assessment

Delivery of images from established iPS or NES cells that show cell-specific characteristics.

Cell authentication

Confirmation of cell identity

This service is confirming that reprogrammed iPS clones and established NES cells are genetically  identical to donor fibroblast cells. Genomic DNA from iPS and/or NES cells are compared to these fibroblasts using the Promega PowerPlex 21 system (??). Relationship between donors and established cell lines are revealed and possible mixup of samples will be avoided.

FACS (cell identity/pluripotency markers)

Expression of cell-identity markers

This service confirms the expression of cell specific markers for established IPS or NES cells. Data will be delivered as percentage of positive cells in FACS plots.