Q1: Can you arrange with the taking of biopsies?

A1: This should be arranged in collaboration with the attending physician. We can take care of the taken biopsy.

Fibroblast cells

Q2: What passage of fibroblast should I provide?

A2: Any passage below 10 should work fine.

iPS cells

Q3: How long will it take for me to get my iPS clones?

A3: If from biopsy, about 4-5 months. And if from already established fibroblasts, about 3-4 months. This will vary with the number of QC services added.

Q4: Is the culturing defined and xeno-free?

A4: The reprogramming process is defined and xeno-free and the iPS cells are cultured on recombinant human laminin521 in xeno-free medium.

Q5: What coatings do you derive the iPS cells on?

A5: We use human recombinant laminin521 for IPS cell culture.

Q6: I have iPS lines on feeder/matrigel/other coating and would like to have them transfered to laminin521, can you do that?

A6: Depending on what coating you use, we can either adapt the IPS cells to laminin521 or rederive the IPS cells in Xeno-free and defined conditions.

Q7: Can I culture iPS cells that I get from iPS core facility on other coatings than what they have been derived on?

A7: Yes, it is possible. But please thaw the IPS cells from the core facility in the conditions stated in our protocols and then adapt to your preferred conditions.

NES cells

Q8: Do I always need to maintain the NES cells in the density recommended in the protocol? 

A8: yes! NES cells don’t grow well in low densities.

Q9: Can I contact you when I have doubts about my NES cells?

A9: yes! We offer both hands on training and consulting help.

Cell banking

Q10: What happens to my samples after delivery, are they stored?

A10: The IPS core facility delivers all frozen vials of fibroblasts, iPS and NES cells to the customer and is not storing back-ups vials. However, we offer cell banking services for safe storage of samples. 

Q11: Can I add services once the project is ongoing?

A11: Yes! A fee for thawing and expansion might be added if the samples are already frozen.


Q12: Do you share my cells or data with anyone?

A12: No!

Q13: What is INDI (that is added to the price according to the Price list)?

A13: That is the over-head costs that the IPS core pays on material and services to our department administration. The INDI is department dependent and yearly updated, please see price list for details. This will be added independently if the customer is located at KI or at any other university.


Q14: Do I need ethical permit for using your services?

A14: Before the IPS core facility receives biopsy samples, an approved ethnical permit is mandatory.

Q15: Can I get support to update and write ethical permit?

A15: Yes! We offer consulting support.